Taste of freshness, like straight from the ocean.

High quality in every step of the logistic chain.
Our products come from established and ethical fishermen. They are processed and certified to ISO standards for export by accredited agencies.

Our Operations

1. Local fishermen catches your order

The local fishermen brings in the daily catch. They only use the hand-line / nets method for the catch and are traceable to a particular region where they fish.

2. Selection of best quality fishes

Once they have made their catch for the day, the fishes will be consolidated at the depot. Only the finest fishes will be accepted by us and packed in ice slurry. At this stage, we will tag the consignment before they are sent for processing.

3. Processing & Quality Control

At our processing plant, the fishes are inspected once again for any damage during transportation. Those that do not meet our standards will be sold to the local market. The fishes will then be gutted, descaled or cut according to your preference.

4. Packing your order

Once the fish are processed, they will be vacuumed packed while maintaining the temperature below 4 deg Celsius. We will check the orders are correctly prepared according to the boxes.

5. Air Transport

We will only pack just in time for the air shipment. The air cargo are handled by our professional agents ensuring that they are shipped out on the destinated flight, direct to Singapore.

6. Local Delivery

In Singapore, our local logistics agent will pick up the cargo and verify the contents before delivering them to our depot for further processing.

Controlling the Cold Chain


Fishermen are taught on the proper method to handle fish and packing technique of placing fish in ice.


Sufficient ice is a standard for all fishermen to take with them on each trip as the weather is warm in the Indian Ocean.


Proper mixture of water and ice to form a slurry to best keep the fishes at about 1 deg Celcius throughout the journey.


Processing at reputable factory certified to international standards  prior to export. 


Vacuum-packed after processing slows down the oxidative degeneration keeping the fish fresh.


Ultra low temperature treatment at -60 deg Celsius preserve the freshness of the fish up to 2 years and a standard treatment for fish for Sashimi and sushi.


Smell & texture

The gills would have a smell of the sea and the meat a bouncing effect. There should be no damage to the skin or sign of disease infection.


The eyes should be black and the ring around of the eye clear. There should not be cloudy eyes or blood stain around the eyes which may indicate prolonged exposure to ice water.


Gills should normally be red with slime. A pink gill probably would indicate that the fish was caught days before and soaked in water over prolonged duration.

assurance of quality