Yellowfin Tuna Eyes (1kg per packet)


Each packet of Tuna eyes is about 1kg.  It is vacuumed packed, treated at ultra low temperature at -60 deg C and then kept frozen to maintain freshness. They are suitable for soup or to be steamed with herbs.

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The eyes of tuna are considered delicacies in Japan and China. In certain restaurants, they are served raw but you can also find in cooked in soup or stewed with herbs. In the more traditional Asian cooking, the tuna eyes balls have been battered and served with vegetables and some hot sauce. It is also known that Sashimi restaurants from time to time served it raw by drowning some pieces into a shot glass and serve cold.

When cooked, the muscles and fat surrounding the eyeball are the favorite parts; the eye has a rather intense flavour. When eaten raw, it has been described as an “extreme sushi”.  The eye has a high content of proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids, which contribute to the health of our cardiovascular system and if known to prevent heart irregularities and arrhythmias besides improving the percentage of good cholesterol in the blood.

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