Yellowfin Tuna Chunks (Sashimi Grade ~ 600gm)


Each chunk is about 600gm.  The chunk is vacuumed packed, freeze blasted and treated at ultra-low temperature of -60 deg C to maintain freshness. To be processed before consumption.

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Our freshly caught yellowfin tuna are specially selected from our regular fishermen. We only accept those of sashimi  (AAA) grade with deep rich red appearance and a firm texture.  The aroma of the meat is a combination of sweetness with a bit of a salty sharpness. This part is meaty and usually comes from the top mid section of the loin which is of the highest quality. 

Tuna meat also contains Selenium, Vit B Complex, iron, sodium and the richness of Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for healthy growth.

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