Yellowfin Tuna Belly (Sashimi Grade ~ 500g)


Each belly slice is about 500g.  It is vacuumed packed, treated at ultra low temperature of -60 deg C and then kept frozen to maintain freshness. They are suitable to be used for sashimi / sushi dishes.

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Otoro / Chutoro

This is the most desirable part from the inside of the fish’s belly. Because it is the fattiest part of the fish, it practically melts in your mouth. It also lends sashimi a sweeter taste. Because of its rich and highly sought-after nature, otoro can be a bit more expensive than other parts of the fish – but certainly worth every penny.

Tuna meat also contains iron and sodium which are essential for your metabolism. The meat is rich in  Omega-3 fatty acids and Selenium which complements a healthy diet by reducing the risk of heart diseases and promotes brain functions.

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