Yellowfin Tuna Steak (Sashimi Grade ~ 300g)


Each packet contains 2 pieces of steak about 150g each. The steaks are vacuumed packed at source, freeze blasted at -35 ͦ  Celsius for at least 15 hours and then kept frozen at -18 ͦ Celsius for freshness. To be processed prior to consumption.

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Our freshly caught yellowfin tuna are specially selected by our experts who have many years of experience in looking out for the best grade. We only accept those of sashimi  (AAA) grade with the deep rich red colour and a firm texture.  Apart from the appearance, the flesh has a rich strong flavour due to its high oil content and the aroma is a combination of sweetness with a bit of a salty sharpness. Our steak is cut from the top loin which is meaty and red. As compared to chutoro or otoro, it has less fats yet lots of flavour just like in a teriyaki tuna skewer. 

Tuna meat also contains Selenium, Vit B Complex, iron, sodium and the richness of Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for healthy growth. Our products meets the requirements for histamine according to FDA standards.

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