Norwegian Atlantic Salmon (2 pieces) 500gm


Each pack has 2 pieces of individual packed salmon fillet, with a total weight of about 500gm. They are air-flown chilled from Norway and flash frozen to -60degC. These are suitable for sashimi.



The Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar, are the largest species in their genus, Salmo.  The fish grow to an average of 71 to 76 cm in length and 3.6 to 5.4 kg in weight after 2 years in the ocean. They can grow much larger if they spend more time at sea.  In the recent years, salmon has gained popularity as a household dish  which led to a rapid decline in the wild population.

The use of aquaculture to farm the Atlantic Salmon has been very successful though there were controversy surrounding the use of this method. While a few errant farms had not met the International standards, generally Salmon farmers have become more responsible. They have shown success in producing fishes of high quality yet ensuring the environment is protected. Our Salmon are rated as the most sustainable in the world and comes from responsible farmers in Norway.

The taste of the Atlantic Salmon is arguably the best among all the commercial salmons. It is flavourful and has a good balance of Omega-3 fatty acid within the meet. There is also a high level of Selenium which is essential to detox Mercury which can affect our brain function.


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