Jumbo Tiger Prawn, 8/10 Extra-Large (1kg)


The Seawater Jumbo Tiger Prawn are size 8/10 [8-10 pieces in 1kg] and sustainably grown by boutique farm in Penang, Malaysia. It is frozen with saline water to keep the integrity and freshness of the meat.

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The Jumbo Tiger Prawn or scientifically known as Penaeus monodon was first described in 1798.   Females are typically 25–30 cm long and weigh 200–320g while males are slightly smaller at 20–25 cm long and weighing 100–170 g. The Jumbo Tiger Prawn is easily recognisable with 9 obvious stripes along the carapace of the head, body and tail.

It is a fast growing species around the tropics. Its natural distribution is the Indo-Pacific, ranging from the eastern coast of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, as far as Southeast Asia, the Pacific Ocean, and northern Australia.

The Tiger prawn is popular to culture because of its tolerance to salinity and very quick growth rate. Many farms in the South East Asia region grows them for export throughout the world. It is renowned for it’s firm sweet meat and the ease to cook, making it a favourite for chefs around the globe.

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