Premium Quality Hokkaido Scallop – Sashimi 21/25 Large (**Twin Pack Special**)


This is a 2 pack special. Each pack is about 500gm and harvested around the Sea of Okhotsk, off Hokkaido in Japan.  The scallops are flash frozen in Hokkaido and vacuumed packed for freshness. These premium scallops are suited for sashimi and MSC certified.

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Patinopecten yessoensis is a cold-water species common to the northwestern Pacific, including the Kuril Islands, Sakhaline (Russia), Hokkaido and northern Honshu (Japan) and the northeastern coast of Korea. P. yessoensis is commonly distributed on subtidal sand flats at a water depth of 10 to 50 m.

P. yessoensis is highly prized around the world for the rich sweet flavour and used in many cuisine. It can be consumed in a variety of manners: raw, boiled, fried, dried or canned.  A well harvested scallop has tender adductor muscle and command high price in sushi bars. Furthermore, and baked and pan seared scallop meat is popular in seafood restaurants. The first aquaculture of P. yessoensis was initiated in Mutsu Bay on northern Honshu, in 1965, using naturally harvested P. yessoensis seeds.

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