Chinese Pomfret (750gm)


Each Chinese Pomfret is about 750gm, flash frozen at ultra low temperature and vacuum packed. It is not gutted or descale so as to protect the freshness of the meat.

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The Chinese Pomfret, Pampus chinensis, is commonly found in coastal waters off the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Within South East Asia, it is well known that those from Surabaya are of superior quality. In fact, the fishing grounds are further east of Java and those caught in the Arafura Sea, north of Australia are premium because of the nutrient rich waters brought about by the convergence of currents from the Southern Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Our Pomfret are harvested in that region of Indonesia.

Why many people love this fish is because of it’s white flesh and the “non-fishy” flavour yet with an inherent sweet taste. The meat texture is soft and undoubtedly better tasting than the Silver or Black Pomfret.  During Chinese New Year, this fish cannot be missed and it is believed to bring prosperity to the family and business. Hence, a high demand during this festive period.

Chinese Pomfret are also rich in Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids besides Vitamins B3, B12 & D, iron and magnesium.


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