Tuna Cheek

The Tuna Cheek is Reelly Fresh’s best selling item. It can be mistaken for chicken when cooked. Many who have tried it can attest to the tender meat which is easy to peel away, yet have a full taste of fish. Best of all, it packs nutrients such as Omega-3 Fatty Acid, Selenium which is essential for brain development and function and a whole array of Vit B Complex which is good for heath. 

Cooking the Tuna Cheek is easy. Whether you pan-sear with salt and pepper or glaze it with some Teriyaki sauce, it goes very well with salad and rice. 

There is so much goodness in the Tuna Cheek and you have to try it to savour the goodness of this meat.

Salt & Pepper

The natural taste of Tuna is simply irresistible. Experience the freshness of the ocean with a slice of pineapple!


The mother of all sauce for grill and pan fry. The combination of the sweetness and the tender flesh is awesome!

Black Pepper

For those who enjoy the spicy flavour. Eat with rice and a serving of vegetable would surely bring out the goodness of the cheek!

Customer Review

The Tuna Cheek came in about 10 pieces in the 500gm packet. While it is frozen, the quality of the meat is just as fresh when thawed – as if it was just cut from the fish. 

Cooking it is simple, with just simple marinate of oyster sauce and some pepper. Searing it for about 4 mins and it is ready.

The family thought it was beef but was pleasantly surprised by the tender meat and it went on well with a glass of red wine for me.

A happy outcome and a healthy meal indeed.

Mr. SC Chan

Watch how easy to cook the Tuna Cheek

Tuna Cheek Pan Seared

The Filet Mignon of Tuna. Undisputed the best part of the Tuna. See how it is prepared and served.

Tuna Cheek Steak

You could cook yourself a simple cheek steak without spending the money at a restaurant.

Tuna Cheek Grilled

Grilled Tuna Cheek is perhaps one of the gastronomic delights.