From the Eastern Indonesian Archipelago.... we harvest the finest tasting Chinese Pomfret

About Pomfret

Pomfret is derived from the Portugese word ‘pampo’. It can be found in the Indo-West Pacific: Persian Gulf to eastern Indonesia and even north to Japan. Pomfrets have a single bone with flat diamond shaped bodies and deeply forked tails. Pomfret is one of the few fish that does not taste fishy. It has a beautiful white meat and considered a prized fish.  They are typically prepared whole either fried or steamed.

The unique quality of this fish is its taste and white meat. Taste increases with the size of the fish! The availability of this variety is seasonal. For our pomfret that comes from the area around the Arafura Sea in Eastern Indonesia, the high season are during the rainy months from November to April. 

 Pomfret is a popular menu item in China and many Asian countries. There are four distinct types in our region: Chinese, White/silver, black and golden pomfrets.

Pampus chinensis

Chinese Pomfret

The Chinese Pomfret is the most premium of all the local pomfret due to the majestic shape of the fish besides the white delicate meat. This fish are only wild caught and usually in the deep seas. The common ones found in Singapore comes from Indonesia and those from Surabaya are thought to be the better ones and exported to top tier Chinese restaurants around the world. They are highly sort after as they are usually bigger owing to the abundance of nutrients in the Arafuran.

White/Silver Pomfret
(Pampus argenteus)

The White Pomfret is in the same family as the Chinese Pomfret. The appearance has recognisable differences, mainly in the tail which has a longer fork than the Chinese Pomfret. In addition, the pectoral fins are narrower and longer. The lips are also of different length. Taste of the meat is also less satisfying compared to the Chinese Pomfret.

Golden Pomfret
(Xenobrama microlepis)

The Golden Pomfret or commonly known as the Pompano are usually grown in fish farms as they can grow fast and produce the meat required in a short time. The flesh is medium flavoured and the flesh is not as delicate. Hence, there has no comparison with the Chinese or White Pomfret.

Black Pomfret
(Parastromateus niger)

The Black Pomfret is closer to the Pompano than the Chinese or White Pomfret. This fish is commonly found in the region. The flesh is not as fine as the other pomfrets, hence not suitable for steaming. They are usually fried for best results.

Why is the Chinese Pomfret so popular?

In the Chinese culture, the best way to savour the freshness of the fish is to steam it. The Teochews seems to have mastered the art by marrying the Teochew style steam method with a good Chinese pomfret. Besides the good source of protein and the great taste, the fish has lots of other nutritional benefits.


High in Vitamins

Vitamin A, D and B including B12 are vital for the nervous system.

Fatty Acid

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

EPA and DHP are 2 of the essential fatty acids required for normal brain and cardio-vascular function.



Calcium, zinc, iron, thallium, phosphorus supports healthy body functions.

Shop with us

We source our Chinese Pomfret from suppliers in Indonesia as they are known to catch the best Chinese Pomfret. In addition, these fishermen uses the traditional methods of using nets or cages to catch the pomfrets which usually swims in schools.

When the fishermen brings the fish to shore, they are further cooled in ice  before being blast frozen using ultra-low temperature to maintain the freshness. To prepare for shipment to Singapore, blast freezing is the best solution to maintain freshness. The fish is not gutted or descale so as to keep the integrity of the meat quality.

When you buy with us, you are assured of an unparallel quality of frozen fish. Whether for a simple home cooked meal or cuisine for guests, the Chinese Pomfret will always delight, just like it was freshly caught.