Dolphin Safe

Dolphin-safe labels are used to denote compliance with laws or policies designed to minimize dolphin fatalities during fishing for tuna destined for canning.

Our Tuna, though not used for canning, are sourced from Dolphin Safe certified fishermen, which is important to us.

Dolphin and Tuna?

Dolphin and Tuna have a close relationship in the ocean. Dolphin usually swim on the warmer surface in the ocean while tuna prefer deeper cooler waters. Dolphin scout for food using their sonar to pick up schools of fish such as sardines. Tuna would join in the feeding frenzy as they follow behind the dolphins swooping down into the deep.

Traditionally, fishermen used bait fish to lure tuna when they spot dolphins. Using the Pole and Line method, tuna would bite the hook while more intelligent dolphin only chase live bait. What a creative way to fish!

To increase the harvest, some fishermen use drift nets to scoop up tuna feeding on live bait. In the process, this traps dolphin. When nets are raised from the sea, dolphin would drown as they cannot surface for air.

Dolphin Trapped

Dolphin Drowned

Dolphin Dead

Pole & Line Fishing

This is the perhaps the most sustainable way for Tuna fishing without wasteful catch and by-catches. 

It will always be more expensive than other methods of mass fishing, but as stewards of our environment, we believe that we have a responsibility to make this place a better place for our future generations. 

A special hook used by our Tuna fishermen. The curvature of the hook prevents other fish such as sharks or dolphins from being caught in it. 

Our Yellowfin Tuna are caught in the Laccadive Sea by local fishermen. 

We support their fishing practise because they have a deep respect for the marine ecosystem. Without their support, whole communities in the region may cease to exist within a generation. By buying their tuna, they can afford to send their children to school and pay for living expenses. 

Support Reelly Fresh as we support sustainable and responsible fishing.

“If we use nets, it will last us a short while…”

Ahmed Didi, Fishing Master 

Our Fishermen’s Boat

These are our typical Tuna fishing boats. With the spacious stern area, fishermen are able to better to fish for the tuna using their pole and line.

Each Tuna is line caught

Our fishermen take pride in their catch. Each line and hook is carefully prepared to only catch Yellowfin Tuna.
It is a sustainable way to ensure no other sea animals are harmed in the process.