About Us

It’s more than Seafood.

Reelly Fresh was established to bring an honest experience to enjoying seafood. We don’t just sell fish, we talk about the journey and experience of bringing this gift from the ocean to the table. 

Our Company & Values

What matters to us is relationships. We believe in mutual respect. Only with trust and understanding, we can work together with the fishing community and consumers to bring the finest fish from the ocean to the table. 

We also believe in stewardship. As guardians of this planet, we have the duty to protect it for future generations. Reelly Fresh orders only what is required and our local fishermen catch the fish using ethical methods. 

We pride ourselves in bringing different types of quality fish so that consumers can enjoy them locally. We also hope that our customers will become our lifelong friends as we seek to bring the best fish to them.

We work hard to provide you best quality fish.

Reelly Fresh checks to assure our customers that the our seafood is not contaminated and delivered from reliable sources. We take great care in our products. We process and carefully package them while shipping in the shortest possible time to the customer. In order to fulfill these standards, we spare no effort in ensuring quality while conducting our business with ethics with respect to the local culture.

Our Tuna Fishermen - where we first started

The fishermen we work with come from a tradition of fishing. They, like their ancestors, know the best fishing spots in the region. Armed with knowledge of observing weather and astronomical patterns, they were able to predict the best places for fishing. For centuries, these fishermen have studied the ocean currents and migratory pattern of fish. Till today, our tuna fishermen do not use fish finders for their hunt! 

The fishermen go out in the early morning to the rich fishing grounds in the western Indian Ocean. They fish according to the order tasked to them from our operational HQ in South Asia. The fishermen normally spend about 3-5 hours fishing before returning back to consolidate their catch.

Our Fishing Grounds

Tuna Fishing Ground - FAO Area 51

This area of the Indian Ocean enjoys currents from the Southern Ocean moving up from the west coast of Australia following into the equatorial region towards east Africa. Numerous counter currents exist with Area 51 which is important for the flow of nutrients ensuring the fish are strong and healthy.

Chilean Sea Bass Fishing Ground
- FAO Area 58

Closed to the Antarctica in the the freezing waters of the Southern Ocean, this is where we harvest the finest white fish in the world.

Halibut Fishing Ground -
FAO Area 21

This area of the of the North West Atlantic is bordered by Canada and Greenland and is one of the most pristine region to harvest the Greenland Halibut.

Hokkaido Scallop Harvesting Ground
- FAO Area 61

Bounded by the Sea of Okhotsk and the mainland Hokkaido, this is where we harvest the finest Japanese Scallops.