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Frozen at ultra-low temperature to maintain freshness. 

New Arrival on 17 Oct!

New stock of Norwegian Atlantic Salmon is here!

We are bringing you the Atlantic Salmon, airflown from Norway on Saturday. Reserve them now!

What's New

Greenland Halibut

Wild caught from western Greenland, our Halibut are harvested with care and flash frozen at sea. Visit our blog to find our more!

Our Jumbo Tiger Prawn are specially selected for it’s freshness and quality. It is grown by a boutique farm in Malaysia and frozen at source to lock-in the freshness. 


Hokkaido Scallops are known for it's sweetness and texture which is enjoyed around the world.
Our Premium quality Hokkaido Scallops are wild-caught in Hokkaido and flash frozen to keep it's freshness. They have the taste of abalone and never fail to delight when served as sashimi. Our Superior Quality Scallops are harvested in northern Honshu and Hokkaido. When cooked they exude an unique satisfying taste that last in your palate.

More on Snow Cod

Our Snow Cod

The wagyu of fish. Savour the buttery meat and be mesmerised by the taste of Antartica. They are caught in the Southern Ocean near Antartctica and among the finest in the world.
Check out a few easy ways to cook this all time favourite here!

White Tuna?!

Be careful when you shop. Many kinds of white oil fish are often marketed as White Tuna. If the price is too low, you're likely buying an Escolar mislabelled as Chilean Sea Bass or Snow Cod.
Click to find out more!


Our Yellowfin Tuna are Dolphin Safe

Have you wondered why it is so important to be Dolphin Safe certified for tuna fisheries? Check it out in our blog!


Why Ahi Tuna?

It's a hidden gem rich in nutrients like Selenium which is essential to keep our neuro functions. Plus, it's packed with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids for good health.

The best kept secret of the Ahi Tuna!

Not for the faint hearted but if you are adventurous, the most satisfying taste awaits.

Tasty dishes you can cook at home~

Grilled Tuna Jaw

The Tuna Jaw or better known in Japan as the Kama is a special cut
behind the gills of the Tuna. The best way to cook it is to marinate it
with soy sauce, calamansi (lime) and brown sugar for a little sweetness.
Then grill it over hot charcoal till golden brown. Enjoy!

Hawaiian Ahi Poké

We made Poké from the akami block of the Tuna. Marinating it with light soya sauce, sasame oil, green onions, furikake (mix of dried fish, sesame seeds and dried seaweed. Mixing it thoroughly and leave them in the refrigerator for an hour. It's a healthy meal. Try one today!

The ALL time HOT favourites

The Tuna Cheek is undoubtedly the most under-rated part of the Tuna. Some described it as the Filet Mignon of Tuna. Come visit our latest blog and see how you can prepare simple dishes from it.


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