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 We are a boutique seafood retailer. By using ultra-low temperature technology to flash freeze the seafood, we can now bring you the finest seafood from around the world, just like it’s out of the sea. 

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*** [10 Jan 22] New! Pomfret from Surabaya Indonesia for Chinese New Year just arrived. *** [9 Jan 22] Flash frozen Premium Norwegian Salmon available!***Hot favorites – Aussie wild caught Giant Barramundi from Western Australia.***

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Maintenance of cold chain from our source.

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Our products are sustainability caught with ethical means

What's New

Introducing our Wild Caught Barramundi!

We had great reviews on our Pomfret!

We will bring you more next Chinese New Year! If you would like to order anytime in the year, do drop us a text and we will get in touch with you.

Chinese Pomfret

Fresh from Surabaya, harvested in seas in the eastern Indonesian Archipelago. These Chinese Pomfret are great dishes for the family. Unparalleled freshness when packed at source using ultra low temperature freezing technology.

Fresh from the sea

Wild caught AngKar &
Tiger Prawn

Fresh from the sea

Our prawns are wild caught in the shallow waters off Peninsular Malaysia.

Carefully selected

The prawns are carefully selected for it's AAA quality and deep frozen to retain it's original taste.

Unbeatable taste

The AngKar is sweet and succulent and good for most cuisine due to the tender meat. The Tiger Prawn has a harder shell and tasty meat which is great for steam and grill.

Best Selling Products

Hokkaido Scallops

From the cold waters off Hokkaido, these are perhaps the sweetest scallop.

Snow Cod

From the freezing cold waters of the Antarctica, these are considered Wagyu of fish.

Atlantic Salmon

These Norwegian Salmon are farmed in the Fjords and ASC certified for sustainability.

Want to know more on our products?

Cryogenic Freezing makes our product special

Flash Freezing up to - 60°C

Similar to cryogenic freezing which prevents the formation of ice crystals which can damage the meat during storage and defrosting. Freezing is rapid so that the ice crystals have no time to form.

maintain freshness

Cryogenic freezing at ultra-low temperature eliminates losses caused by deterioration in freshness by preventing changes affecting nutritional composition, coloring, flavor and other characteristics.

Ultra-Low Temp storage

When stored between - 32°C and - 60°C over a period of time, prevents the growth of micro-organism which cause the deterioration of the meat. Sashimi needs to be subjected to these conditions for food safety.

longer shelf life

In our normal home freezer, food can be only kept for a month before the quality deteriorates. When subjected to ultra-low temperature treatment, spoilage is drastically reduced and products can be kept up to 2 years even in your home freezer.

Customers Reviews

A repeat customer at Reelly Fresh and have purchase numerous items from them. They have an in-depth knowledge of their products and never fail to deliver good quality seafood!
Kervin Chan

What motivates us?

Knowing that our discerning customers appreciate the high quality seafood which we take pride in sourcing for them.

Their seafood may not be the cheapest but the quality is superb. Worth every cent you pay for the quality in return. Tried their Snow Cod and Salmon, surely the best around.
Mike Oh